LETTER: Worried about wasting hospital time

Since Christmas I have been constantly thinking about the over crowding in hospital accident and emergency departments.

Friday, 27th January 2017, 10:30 am

On Christmas Day I went for lunch with my wife and son. When we arrived at the restaurant I was feeling unwell but said nothing as I did not want to spoil their day.

I was unfortunately sick whilst having the meal so suggested we pay and go home. On leaving the restaurant I blacked out, fell over and grazed my face. Alcohol was not the cause of this. Someone called for an ambulance but as our taxi was already there I decided to go home without worrying the hospital.

I have heart problems and the following day I had quite bad chest pains. I used my glyceryl trinitrate spray and did not worry the hospital as it was Bank Holiday and I felt better.

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The next day I saw one of our GPs who gave me a rather stern talking to for not going to A&E. He then sent me straight to the hospital. I was well looked after and after several tests was allowed to go home. I also have an appointment for further tests.

The A&E doctors were also quite cross about me not going to see them on Christmas Day. One of the comments were ‘you are the third person who I have seen today who was worried about other people rather than come to the hospital’. She said: ‘ what if you had died, you would not be any good to them then’. It certainly made me think, luckily I have not had the pains since. I do not know what my decision will be when it does happen. My big problem is convincing me that I should worry A&E.

Roy Hutchings

Wolfe Close, Chesterfield