LETTER: We trail behind many other countries

I'm so glad Andrew Lewer, MBE shared with us the confidential information he must be party to in his position as Member of the European Parliament for the East Midlands.

In his letter recently, (read the full letter here) he states that the UK has “the fastest growing global economy”, even though the figures available to the public from the World Economic Forum show us to be joint 60th with countries such as Moldova, Ghana and Mexico, and trailing behind countries such as Slovakia, Bulgaria and even troubled Greece.

So given that Mr Lewer is our representative in Europe at this critical time, I think we deserve some explanation for this assertion. I would hate him to approach the EU negotiations believing that the UK is the “fastest growing global economy”.

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I appreciate that we are supposed to be in the “post truth” era, but it would be unfortunate for him to try to pursue a ‘bold trade deal’ whilst getting his facts so grievously wrong.

John Green