LETTER: There is snow excuse to clear paths when bad weather hits

The recent snow covering over Derbyshire poses the question that if we clear snow from pathways and pavements outside our homes and someone slips on it, could we be held responsible and sued.
Snowy conditions on the roads.Snowy conditions on the roads.
Snowy conditions on the roads.

Bearing in mind the ambulance chasers who never miss a trick.

A Gov.UK press release, 23.12.2014 Snow Clearing, states that there are NO Health and Safety regulations that prevent people from clearing snow at their homes, business or at their neighbour’s homes.

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Ministers want to dispel the myth that surrounds and prevents people doing a good deed.

Not reprimanded

People need to be aware that they will not be reprimanded in any way.

Also a pamphlet, Winter Weather, issued by the Wirksworth Town Council states that contrary to perceptions, reasonable efforts to clear snow and ice from the pavements outside you home does NOT make you liable in the event of any accident taking place.

So come the next snow to our region don’t be put off because you are afraid someone may get injured. It does seems that anyone can clear snow from public places without any fear of reprisals.

The Gov.UK release does say that to remember that when walking on snow and ice people have a responsibility to themselves to be careful.

By Keith J. Furnival, Derby Road, Wirksworth.

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