LETTER: Smokers no better than drug users

Regarding the recent comment on do-gooders closing smoking rooms at the hospital.

I totally disagree with the rubbish ‘Frustrated’ (September 7) is talking.

It’s not the do-gooders who have closed smoking rooms, it is in fact that the NHS, whichspends millions of wasted taxpayers’ money every year filling the respiratory wards and clinics with smokers who cannot get their breath, or breathe, and require inhalers or oxygen.

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Who is going to clean these so-called smoking rooms after they have been used?

A passive smoker perhaps, who is liable to contract breathing problems themselves?

Observing how smokers leave the pavement outside the entrance to the hospital is indicative of what state these rooms will be left in. Yes it’s a very stressful environment to visit as a patient or to see a loved one. So go and smoke in your car, or on Hady Hill or beyond.

If a smoking shelter was provided close by the entrance but not causing discomfort to non-smokers accessing the hospital, it would be doubtful the smokers would use it. Why? Because they often can’t walk far due to breathing problems!

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I attend the hospital every day and it is unpleasant for people to walk through this obnoxious haze, especially babies and children who have not got a voice to object for themselves.

I have never smoked but find myself having to use inhalers due to being exposed to cigarette smoke in the past.

Do smokers not recognise that they smell? It clings to their clothes, their hair and belongings, and to a non-smoker sitting next to them can be very unpleasant.

While smokers are not the scum of the earth, they can please themselves what they swallow in their lungs and the carbon that causes tar and cancers in people’s lungs.

It is well documented about the dangers of smoking.

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Therefore I suggest you lie in the car park and hook up to an exhaust pipe and inhale on that! Exactly! But what is the difference?

I suggest all smokers that require respiratory NHS treatment take out insurance for the day they expect ‘free’ treatment to help them with their condition.

Don’t whinge. You are no better than drug takers and also a drain on dwindling NHS resources.


Name and address supplied

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