LETTER: Should I stay or go?

I feel that recent contributors to your letters page (Dr Clive Archer and Stephen Ware - DT May 26) are misleading your readers.

Friday, 10th June 2016, 2:07 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:01 pm

Dr Archer (read his letter here) states that the NHS has always been a mixture of public and private. Does this make this a good thing? Why should people who have substantial wealth be able to receive treatment within days whilst the rest of us have to sometimes wait for weeks if not months? He goes on to say that, under all governments, elements of the NHS have been privatised. This just goes to show that in reality there is no “opposition” in political terms. 
Let’s look at the uproar when Obama tried to introduce a fair health system into the world’s biggest superpower. He was accused of being a Communist. In my view that is partly why Obama is now in favour of TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) as it will allow American businessmen to take over our NHS through privatisation. 
Stephen Ware cites the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the EU for contributing to “the advancement of peace and reconciliation”. The UK has been a member of the EU since 1973. Has membership deterred us from going to war with Argentina, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran etc? Of course not. In my view there falls his argument that to remain in the EU ensures peace.

Cameron claims that leaving the EU will open the flood gates to refugees. In the EU free movement of labour is written into law.

We see a lot about the number of refugees coming to this country but their numbers are miniscule compared to economic migrants. Osborne says that leaving the EU will result in more austerity. Austerity as a policy is entrenched across the EU.

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Austerity has only been a problem for those on low incomes, disabled and unemployed. It’s never been a problem for multi millionaires like Cameron, Osborne and their like. We have all heard the myths about what we get out of the EU. The EU does not have a budget. It only pays out what is paid in. We pay approximately £290 billion a year to the EU. Just think where that money could be used to the benefit of our country instead of it going to the EU. I am sure it would be better spent providing more nurses, police, fire staff etc.

Jeremy Corbyn has been opposed to the EU for decades but now, in my view, he has been pressurised into changing his stance because of his shadow cabinet. Again I ask, where is the opposition? At least this has helped me make my decision never to vote Labour again. I want to vote for a party that opposes capitalism instead of watering it down.

The Trades Union Congress claims that leaving the EU would set women’s rights back by decades. Have the TUC leaders that little confidence in women trade unionists that they think they would allow this to happen?

Research has shown that the average British household would be £933 a year better off if Britain left the EU. British food prices have increased due to the subsidies paid to farmers in other countries. We all know that our farmers are paid subsidies to destroy crops. Could this food not be used in other needy countries?

I feel the EU is friend only to big business and the rich. It is illegal, under EU laws, for governments to subsidise companies in their own country. The EU is no friend of the disabled, unemployed, low paid etc. A vote to remain in the EU will be a disaster, sooner or later for the above sections of society. 
Why do you think Cameron and all the other remain campaigners are sinking to such tactics if the EU were any friend of the ordinary man, woman or child in the street.

David Fox

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