LETTER: Shafted reflected true meaning of strike

In response to your request for ex-miners who have seen Shafted.

I saw Shafted on February 10, at Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield and worked in the pit in South Yorkshire for ten years, including during the 1984/85 strike.

Having seen several productions, including Godber’s works on the theme of the strike, it can sometimes be reruns of the same tired old subject. However, Shafted was a breath of fresh air in that it tackled the aftermath affecting one particular couple over the period of their ensuing lifetime. I’m sure other productions have attempted this previously, but none could have captured the struggle quite so evocatively, with so much pathos and humour as Godber does with ‘Shafted’.

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Quite the best work I’ve seen on the strike, before, during or after that period.

I went with low expectations, anticipating a rehash of the familiar stuff, but Godber smacked me straight between the teeth with this superb production. Roll on his next work.

Peter Moxon

Gleadless, Sheffield