LETTER: Putting the '˜Great' back in Great Britain

Here we go. Mr Cameron has met with European Union (EU) leaders and put forward his case for the changes supposedly needed by the United Kingdom. '¨I hope the silent majority of voters can see through what I believe is a charade?

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 6:30 pm
The vote will be held on June 23.

We the public have no objection to people coming here to work. We have no problem with people who respect our culture, obey our laws, and make a valuable contribution to society. He has totally missed out on listening to the genuine concerns of the general public.

By being a member of the EU we allow open borders and thereby the admittance of some less than favourable characters. These characters will do their best to destroy the Britain we love and value, all at a phenomenal cost to the taxpayer in security measures and court/prison overheads.

We are a strong country which will trade with the world in general. We have clever and innovative leaders of industry who will rise to the challenge. We can be independent and safe. Our troops can control the borders.

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Our prospective inevitable common sense change to law will eradicate the terrorist fraction who hide successfully behind human rights. Our prisons will drop in attendee numbers by deporting many foreign nationals who have committed serious crimes against the state.

Monies will not be paid to children overseas who, because of EU directives, receive handouts from our monetary system. We can then afford to allow an expansion of police protection instead of closing police stations and reducing police numbers and thereby we can safeguard all we hold dear.

We will find after an exit from this “unhealthy club” that they will need us more than we need them. Let’s be great again. Lets be independent. Let’s take pride in our own governance and show the world we can once again be successful in all we undertake.

Let us grasp what is wrong in society and put it right for the sake of future generations, not freewheel to disaster aided and abetted by shortsighted politicians who are not, in my view, committed to the British way of life.

If you are passionate about a safe, self-governing society that protects the people first, the culture second, and is genuinely committed to end extremism then you know how to vote.

Trade and industry will once again be strong as a result of morals being at an all time high.

If commonsense prevails Mr Cameron, take heed, you will soon be looking for another job.

Alan Armstrong

Boundary Close, Staveley