LETTER: Poor air quality and area used as a rat run

I absolutely agree with the article concerning traffic congestion on Derby Road (Gridlocked, Derbyshire Times, November 23).

The situation has deteriorated over the past few years and has resulted in poor air quality in the area.

However, this should cease in the future when all vehicles will be electric.

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In the mean time, congestion will worsen even further when more home are built in Wingerworth village, at the Avenue coking plant site and on the Clay Cross Engineering site.

I live in Grangewood and not only do we have to suffer with druggies, drug dealers and anti-social behaviour, we now suffer with vehicles using Grangewood as a rat run.

Drivers have been seen speeding, using mobile phones and driving without due care and attention.

This has been reported to the police on several occasions, but no action is ever taken with this problem.

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​The answer I receive from​ police is that they have to catch these drivers in the act of committing the offence. They never seem to be out to catch these drivers.

This, surely, in my view, is a poor quality of service by Derbyshire Constabulary.

Whilst I accept there is no immediate solution to the abundance of vehicles on Derby Road, perhaps we could follow the example of central London and introduce a congestion charge, including on those drivers who use Grangewood as a ratrun.

There is a very good bus service, maybe these drivers should consider using the bus to cut down the congestion.