LETTER: Make child '˜day rider' ticket permanent

In the last few weeks there have been posters on the local buses advertising the new children's £2 day rider. '¨I thought this was a really good idea as before this was introduced it was cheaper for my daughter, who lives in Brimington, to buy her eight-year-old son an adult day rider rather than purchase a child's return ticket. '¨It was only when I read an article in the Derbyshire Times that I realised this was a special offer for a limited period only - until February 29.'¨I contacted Stagecoach to state that I was disappointed that this £2 ticket was only going to be temporary and they said they would take my views into account when reviewing the offer.

Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 6:30 pm
Bus stop.

I looked again at the poster on the bus and nowhere on the poster does it state that this is an offer or mention any dates. It states ‘new child £2 day rider’ which I think implies is quite long term.

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When I mentioned this to Stagecoach they agreed the details weren’t on the poster, just on their website, I couldn’t even see any small print that showed links to further details. 
I feel it would be helpful if you reported this on your news pages so that more people can write to Stagecoach to state their views and to ask for the offer to be extended or made permanent.

Ann Hoare

By email