LETTER: Kids should be fined for leaving litter in parks

On Friday May 13, I was walking my dog in Somersall Park at about 4.30pm.

Monday, 30th May 2016, 6:30 pm

There were approximately 50 teenagers sat on the park with loads of bags, apparently to have a party. I overheard they had broken up from school for exam revision and were celebrating.

The next morning at about 6.45am, I was told of a local lady (not Chesterfield Borough Council) going around with large black bags picking up all the litter. She had filled two large bags and placed them near the council black bins.

They were full of pizza boxes, food bags, bottles and cans.

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I also found a large black empty school bag dumped in the grass.

There are two bins on Somersall Park, why do they not just put their rubbish in these bins?

Dog faeces has to picked up otherwise there is a fine, so why not kids who leave all this rubbish?

The council maybe ought to install surveillance cameras on the lampposts and fine them too.

Mrs Palmer

Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield