LETTER: How long will the EU last without us?

I know I'm not the first Englishman to think this but just who do Angela Merkel and her pals in Brussels think they are, asking us to pay billions of pounds to leave the European Union?

We have paid hundreds of billions of pounds to the EU with its huge buildings and other assets, which will stay under the control of the EU after we leave.

So unless Merkel and her allies abandon the idea, we should threaten a 25 per cent import tax on all German, French, Italian, Spanish and other EU car imports to offset their proposed penalty.

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The time has come to put Merkel and others in their place. We have the Commonwealth countries and the rest of the world, including Russia and the USA, to trade with. 
How long will the EU and its bureaucrats last without us is the big question?

Granville V. Stone

By email

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