LETTER: Homelessness looks set to increase

It costs taxpayers less to house the homeless than it does to leave them on the streets.

Wednesday, 27th July 2016, 7:00 am

All the cuts which the Government has recently announced will increase homelessness between now and 2020 regardless of the social & economic cost.

This is just after the Government has recently pledged to make more than £100 million available to tackle the growing problem of homelessness in the UK which has more than doubled since 2010.

It seems to me that none of the so-called good, honest, honourable people who have made these decisions are in fact actually prepared to accept any responsibility which is proven by the fact that responsibility has been devolved down on to local authorities, while their funding is being cut.

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It is not economically viable in the long term for local authorities to sell off their public assets in order to fill funding gaps which they have created.

It seems central Government expect all the local authority councillors in the UK to commit economic, social and political suicide by applying their policies between now and 2020.

I fear homelessness will continue to increase, despite all the local authority service providers forming multi-agency initiatives to deal with this issue if they work alone trying to deal with the effects and ignore the root cause.

David Mortimer

By email