LETTER: Events seem to cause more disruption

So once again we are to have disruption to the roads caused by an '˜event.'

Friday, 17th June 2016, 2:00 pm

This appears to be an increasing feature of modern life where almost every other week motorists are subject to signs warning them about some running or cycling event that needs to take priority over those who actually pay for the upkeep of the roads.

Usually this happens on a Sunday but it seems that on this occasion even a busy weekday isn’t immune.

Indeed this time not only do we have the usual warning signs about disruption, which the powers that be seem to delight in putting up so frequently, but we also have dire threats that vehicles parked where they are normally parked will be towed away should they dare to leave them there on that day.

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I wonder if the hundreds of vehicles which normally park on these roads aren’t removed will a similar number of tow trucks suddenly appear and tow them to heaven knows where? And who will pay for this?

I appreciate that many of these races are for good causes however, firstly there are many alternative places where they could run or cycle rather than on the main roads.

Secondly there are lots of alternative activities that could be performed to raise money for good causes which, unlike running around causing traffic disruption, would be more beneficial to the local community - litter picking, restoration or other environmental work are just some that spring to mind.

However it seems that the people who participate crave the need to be seen and alternative, more useful activities wouldn’t satisfy that need.

I actually wonder if this increasing disruption to the roads year upon year for runners and cyclists (which once upon a time never used to happen) is actually a subtle ploy by the local authorities to put motorists off using the roads they pay for.

D. Wright

Chester Street, Brampton