LETTER: England will be a small and lonely island

EU ReferendumEU Referendum
EU Referendum
Now that Black Friday has come and gone, we have to ask ourselves about our perceived destination and freedom from the malign influences of everything foreign.

The four per cent margin was nowhere near decisive, so the winners have to find ways of placating the 70 per cent of the youth vote, and the 63 per cent of the Scots and Irish vote who do not agree. 
It will not be done by persuading them that they are wrong, so how will the divorce negotiators treat them? If the disdain shown by at least one government minister continues, there will be a very angry, very large, very noisy and very articulate minority arguing against divorce. When parents (the older voters) decide to divorce, the children (the youth vote) will get angry and will do everything all in their power to stop it.

Already the Scots and Irish politicians are calling for independence referenda, and they will get them. Look at matters from their point of view for a moment. England is acting undemocratically dragging Scotland and Ireland out of Europe against their clearly stated wish. England will be left as the rump of a once United Kingdom with no more influence than an overgrown channel island.

Be careful what you wish for.

Alan Craw

By email