LETTER: Derbyshire pensioners have worked long and hard for most of our lives

After reading the letter from Adam Gould I have lost even more faith in human nature.
A letter sent in by one DT reader has caused outrage.A letter sent in by one DT reader has caused outrage.
A letter sent in by one DT reader has caused outrage.

What is his problem? Does he not realise that we pensioners have, in general, worked long and hard for most of our working lives, I was 15 on 23rd March and started work as an office junior and 13 days later on 5th April was working five-and-a-half days a week and earning £3 per week, taking home £2.70.

We have paid Income Tax (some still do on our pensions) National Insurance etc. and we get a State pension in return. Do you agree that by being able to travel into Chesterfield and surrounding areas brings revenue into these towns as we spend our “ill-gotten gains” in the shops?

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Do you know how many pensioners DO NOT claim benefits to which they are entitled because they are too proud and don’t want to be considered greedy.

My late husband continued working after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease for a further eight months because he wanted to provide for myself and our two daughters, he died ten months later!

So don’t talk to me about you being “ hard done to”, think of the sacrifices made by older generations during the war years both in the armed forces and on the Home Front.

I want nothing other than that to which I am entitled and yes, I do use my bus pass and will continue to do so without feeling guilty.

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One day you will join our ranks and I just hope that when you do and people treat you with disdain, intolerance and downright ignorance that you reflect on this time and see that things can look very different from the other side.

Come on Silver Surfers hold your heads up, be proud, we’re good honest (sometimes grumpy!) people and we have done our bit for this wonderful country of ours, and keep using the buses!!