LETTER: Consider these worrying fracking facts first

Regarding the exploratory seismic testing/potential fracking sites that seem to be encircling Barlborough and the exhibition that was held on Wednesday, July 26 in the Barlborough village hall...

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:14 pm

I have a great deal of knowledge about potential environmental hazards in the immediate area, as I was vice chairman on NDEAN in the 1990s when we prevented full scale open casting of Hoodcroft and many more successes regarding preventing spread of pollution, with the help of this paper if you look in the archives.
1. We have a radon (radio-active gas) problem in Barlborough, I know this as when I had my house tested in the 1980s, the reading was 120Bq per square metre - not quite at the danger action level.

Any fracking nearby is likely to disturb the rocks and could generate escaping radon at the danger levels.
2. Running under A619 towards Barlborough Links, we had one of the ten most toxic waste tips in the UK (according to The Guardian in an article from the 1990s).

I discovered a bubbling green pond - it was tested by the NRA ( I am trying to get the figures from them now), due to the filling in of the old railway cutting on farm land with what I believe to be some highly toxic substances.

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The problem has never been solved, as far as I know, it was mentioned in the Bolsover District Council report around 2010 when licences were being granted for development. Methane gas detectors were being placed all round the still empty field and there was a large methane burner, the pond was drained at regular intervals but the leachate may still heading down towards our natural water supply - well it was 20 years ago.
I feel it is time that these not well-known facts should be brought out into the open and publicised before any final decisions are made about fracking.

Charles Boss

Ex-vice chairman of
North East Derbyshire 
Environment Network