LETTER: Confusion over website claim

I fully support Melissa Rose's letter recently in the DT concerning the proposed development by Avant Homes of 600 new properties in Clowne.

Avant is already responsible for another ongoing development in Clowne called ‘The Edge’. On its website promoting The Edge it says: ‘The Edge is surrounded by hundreds of acres of rolling green scenery providing an idyllic backdrop to modern living’

Erm...this latest development is adjacent to The Edge, some of these ‘hundreds of acres of rolling green’ are the very ones Avant is proposing to develop.

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May I suggest Avant quickly amend its website by adding the word ‘currently’ (surrounded by) and include the line ‘which we are hoping to spoil for everyone by turning it into a concrete jungle’... you know....just to cover your backs.

Darren Taylor

Bramlyn Close, Clowne

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