LETTER: Closre shows little regard for local people

So it has finally happened, Clay Cross is to lose its last bank following what I feel is the disgraceful announcement that Lloyds is to desert its loyal customers in the town from September 20, 2017.

Sunday, 16th April 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:51 pm
Locals gather to show their disapproval of Lloyds Bank's decision to close it's Clay Cross branch on High Street.

Following the recent closure of Santander, Nationwide and NatWest we now see our recently announced expanding town, in both housing and retail terms, left without a financial institution.

There seems to be little regard for the local businesses, many of which transferred there following other closures, the elderly or the disabled. Suggestions that there are three branches up to eight miles away shows little regard for the businesses wanting to bank the day’s takings or the elderly or disabled who would have a walk of more than a quarter of a mile from the bus stop in Church Way, Chesterfield to the bank’s Rose Hill premises.

What a shame, just when Clay Cross was developing a more positive outlook with many new developments, that we are advised to visit elsewhere or the Post Office which is now also transferring in-store and from current usage is already at capacity. Indeed, the bank often responds that there are not enough counter transactions, you very rarely do not queue in Lloyds Clay Cross.

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So our town is left to fight on again as we battle to save the final ward at Clay Cross Hospital and the JobCentre on Market Street.

In closure I would like to invite Lloyds CEO Antonio Horta Osorio for a visit to Clay Cross to see why we want Lloyds to stay and be part of our town and be loyal to a town that’s supported his bank over many years.

Martin Roberts

By email