LETTER: Calls for filter light have been made for two decades

Oh dear, I don't know which Edwinstowe residents have said, as reported in your February 15 issue (Traffic Light Causes '˜Chaos' for Drivers') that the filter light at the top of High Street, on the junction close to the Forest Lodge Hotel, only comes on for a few seconds, because there is no filter light.

Edwinstowe Parish Council, at its meeting on February 14, resolved to ask Notts County Council’s highways department , to look at these lights and the ones at the top of West Lane to check the phasing as there are traffic log-jams at times on these roads.

Various Edwinstowe Parish Council members have asked various Notts County Council members over the past two decades about the possibility of having a right turn filter on those lights to ease the problem of traffic coming from a westerly direction queueing to turn right into High Street. In the past it was not deemed to be an appropriate measure to alleviate the situation. That may now have changed of course. However, if our MP wants to help, he needs to have accurate information about the lights. 
The parish council is well aware of the difficulties posed at this junction. Most of the members, myself included drive through it every day. 
We are seeking to find a way forward as the amount of traffic using that junction increases greatly during the summer months and is likely to increase year round when various housebuilding projects in Edwinstowe are completed. Councillor Brown, who has lived in Edwinstowe all his life I think, was at the junction in your photograph and should have noticed the lack of a filter, as should the MP. I trust the Via representative was more observant.

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I am more than happy to supply our MP with our meeting minutes each month so that he can keep abreast of ‘goings on in the village’ (his choice of words). The minutes are, of course, available on the parish council website for everyone in the village and the wider community to access.

Councillor Celia Brooks


Edwinstowe Parish Council

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