LETTER: Bus cuts are more harmful to the vulnerable

city centre buses
city centre buses

Derbyshire County Council is proposing to end funding for all subsidised bus services.

This will mean that elderly people without their own transport face being unable to get out nearly as much as what they have been used to and that people working in the region on low incomes face the prospect of not being able to work or live in the region anymore.

A much better solution would be to work harder with the tourist information bodies and higher education institutions such as Sheffield University to promote the threatened bus services as tourist lines for students and tourists wishing to visit the Peak District.

I know of many examples of people wanting to visit the Peak District by bus but not being aware of the bus services. The potential for growth is there, just look at the improved passenger numbers TM Travel have achieved on the 218 route through offering an improved service and promoting it more. These proposed cuts are not only short sighted and potentially harmful to our most vulnerable, they are totally avoidable.

Matt Smythe

By email