LETTER: An anthem to reflect the people

I would like to challenge your reader Harvey Hill (Derbyshire Times - March 10 - read Mr Hill's letter here). '¨I don't believe Mr Hill is aware that Toby Perkins is a staunch supporter of the monarchy, otherwise I do not think Mr Hill would regard him as a member of the 'loony left'. '¨How would he feel if I was to call him a member of the 'rabid right'? '¨It might interest Mr Hill to know that the anti-monarchy organisation 'Republic' is going from strength to strength despite the daily brain washing which is undertaken by some media organisations. It may also interest him to know that there are members of Parliament on both sides of the chamber who believe that the monarchy are an archaic, undemocratic and outdated institution. '¨If Mr Hill had read Toby Perkins contribution correctly in the first place he would have seen that Mr Perkins was suggesting a national anthem for sport only. I am a supporter of a football team (not Liverpool) but surely there can only be one song which is appropriate for sport and that is '˜You'll Never Walk Alone.'

As for a new national anthem, what is wrong with one which honours the true creators who made this country “great” and that is the workers. The real heroes who toiled long and hard to feed and clothe their families, not those who have always enjoyed fabulous wealth while doing little to earn it or those who have never gotten their hands dirty. I suggest Jerusalem may be a perfect national anthem. David Fox

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