LETTER: Accept we are leaving and get on with it

I read with some sadness at what I feel were misleading and incorrect comments in the letters page from your reader in Bolsover regarding Brexit, and would like to put the matters straight.'¨The '˜lies' he mentioned were not handed out by the '˜leave' party, just consider the doom and gloom from the remainers, Messrs Blair, Cameron, Branson and a host of other self interested persons threatening our future, which didn't materialise.

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People didn’t vote to leave as a protest vote against so-called increasing levels of austerity, inequality, low wages, (as he stated), they voted to leave because they were fed up with interference from the EU with our legal system and uncontrolled immigration from the EU, the figures of which far exceed those from the outside Europe despite the incorrect statement within the letter to the contrary (I guess he probably doesn’t count those coming from EU as immigrants, another distortion of 
I could of course take his comments apart word by word but do not wish to waste time in doing so, it is a fact whether he likes it or not that the article has been invoked and instead of trying to rewrite history he should accept the leaving and get on with life as an independent nation again, with the right to govern itself and decide its laws and borders.

Barrie Gibbons

By email

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