Learn life-changing new skills at Chesterfield College

Lifelong learning is good for our wellbeing and for our economy. It is vital that we ensure adults have easy and welcoming access to learning at whatever stage of life they are in, writes Julie Richards, principal of Chesterfield College.
Photo by Marcus Rose Photography Ltd.Photo by Marcus Rose Photography Ltd.
Photo by Marcus Rose Photography Ltd.

I know that learning something new often has to compete with the pressures of day to day life, but there are so many benefits to putting it higher up the agenda.

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of education and gaining new skills throughout our lives.

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Society is changing so fast it isn’t enough to rely on what we learned in our ‘school days’. We know that ease of access and cost are two of the most important factors for adults when they want to add studying to the long list of commitments they already have in their lives. It is part of my job to ensure we can continue to offer people the chance to develop their skills at any age, working with the funding available and finding innovative ways to give people the chance to learn.

We pride ourselves on making our courses inclusive and accessible. We offer independent advice and guidance on careers and funding before students start and throughout their time with us. We design many courses specificially for adults who want to continue their education; whether you are learning something new for fun or to enhance your career.

We offer short courses on a range of creative subjects from printmaking to silversmithing as well as professional courses and a range of university-level industry specific subjects. We can also help to boost maths and English skills.

I want to reiterate that colleges aren’t just places for school-leavers. We are passionate about continuing our tradition of being a place for the whole community to learn and develop. If you decide to put learning higher up your agenda for 2019, we’d be happy to help.

You can search for the full range of part-time courses available at Chesterfield College by clicking here