Langley Mill Deli burgled for fourth time

A delicatessen in Langley Mill has been hit by a burglar – the fourth raid in a year.

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014, 5:08 pm

The popular deli Basilia, on Cromford Road was targeted over the Easter break as a youth was captured on CCTV breaking a patio door to get in at 7.45pm on Friday, April 19.

All he managed to steal was a charity box for cancer charites, a staff tips jar and some food.

But the burglar caused extensive damage breaking teapots and other containers searching for money.

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The hoodie wearing youth eventually set off the security alarm and fled on a white BMX pushbike.

CCTV images showed him wearing a distinctive black hoodie with a green stripe across the rear shoulder

Jenny Lowthop, deli manager and daughter of shop owner Roma Bothamley said the latest in a string of burglaries had left everyone devastated.

She said: “It’s such a shame that we’ve been targeted yet again. The burglar turned the deli upside down.

“When they couldn’t find any money they stole the charity box and tip jar.

“Usually we don’t leave the tip jar in the store but we were saving up for a work day out on Bank Holiday Monday which everybody was really looking forward to.

“We’ve been trying our hardest to help build Langley Mill as somewhere inviting that people want to visit, but when things like this happen it certainly doesn’t help the town’s image.

“We’ve been incredibly reluctant to put shutters up on the shop front as we believe that it makes the rest of Langley Mill seem uninviting, and nobody wants that.”

Jenny is set to open a vintage antiques, gifts and crafts store in what was formerly her grandmothers store next door to the deli later this year but this experience has made her nervous about opening.

“It really worries me, if they’ll target the deli for a few hundred pounds who knows what they could steal from somewhere filled with expensive items, it’s doesn’t exactly fill me with 

Since the burglary the deli has issued a morale boosting rallying call on social media stating ‘Langley Mill is on the UP and we won’t stop believing!’