Investigations continue after big fire in Derbyshire

The blaze involved 800 tonnes of bailed straw.
The blaze involved 800 tonnes of bailed straw.

The cause of a big blaze in a Derbyshire village is still being investigated.

The fire, which involved 800 tonnes of bailed straw inside a six-bay Dutch barn on Whaley Road, Whaley, broke out late on Monday night.

At one point, six crews from Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire were in attendance.

The blaze was contained by Tuesday morning.

Today, a Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "The investigation into the cause of the fire is currently still ongoing."

On Tuesday, Tracey Dakin, who lives opposite the scene of the blaze, said: "We were woken just before 11pm by a neighbour telling us the stack yard across the road had just gone up in flames and that they'd called the fire brigade.

The blaze at the barn.

The blaze at the barn.

"Our neighbours have a gas tank in their garden and it was getting hot very quickly causing real concern.

"The fire brigade arrived around 11.20pm and immediately put a hose over the gas tank in order to keep its temperature low.

"The fire hydrant grate in the village and literally opposite the fire was full of soil and therefore initially unusable by the fire brigade.

"They therefore had to travel up and down the road to get water supplies from other hydrants.

The aftermath of the fire.

The aftermath of the fire.

"Two local men, one of whom is my brother-in-law, used their bare hands to remove the soil in the blocked grate but when the supply became accessible it still wasn't enough so the engines continued in and out of the village all night replenishing water.

"Because of the ferocity of the fire they were unable to even consider putting it out.

"They therefore opted to keep their hoses on surrounding buildings and gas tanks.

"Telephone lines have melted as have some electrical lines.

"BT have advised they will not come out until the fire is completely extinguished.

"The electricity company came briefly during the night and returned to assess the situation.

"Cattle in the adjoining barn are in no danger now.

"Horses in the adjoining barn and fields are in no danger.

"Residents are in no danger and there have been no casualties."