Independents score a clear victory in Selston by elections - winning candidate thanks voters

It was a landslide victory for Independent candidates who won seats on both Ashfield District council and Nottinghamshire County Council in last night’s Selston by-elections.
Christine Quinn-WilcoxChristine Quinn-Wilcox
Christine Quinn-Wilcox

The results of the by-elections called following the resignation of Gail Turner were declared just before midnight.

In the district by-election, the winner was Christine Quinn Wilcox of Selston Parish Independents with 1,180 votes. Second was Anna Wilson, Independent with 294 votes; third Donna Gilbert, Labour with 172.

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UKIP candidate Ray Young was fourth with 77 votes and Michelle Sims Conservative came fifth with 52 votes.

Christine Wilcox said she was “overwhelmed” by the result.

She said: “We were hoping for a good result but I never expected the landslide we got.

“I want to give massive thanks to everyone who voted for me. I will serve for the full four and a half years and I will always be available for people whatever they need.

“I am in a better position to help people in Selston get the things they need for a better life.

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She said her team had won by concentrating on the things that mattered to residents.

“I have talked to people in Selston about the biggest issues facing them. Things like not being recognised as a large village and issues like the poor condition of the pavements.

“There are a lot of disabled people in the village and people just want to be able to walk safely without falling over them. I will make that my absolute priority to deal with first.”

There was a 35.02 per cent turnout with 1,779 votes cast from an electorate of 5,080.

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In the county council by election David Martin of Selston Parish Independents came first with 2,054 votes.

The result means that Labour still do not have an overall majority on Nottinghamshire County Council, with 33 Labour out of 67 councillors.

Second was Independent candidate Sam Wilson with 794 votes; Michael Hollis, Labour was third with 355 votes.

UKIP’s Ray Young was fourth with 161 votes and Paul Saxelby , Conservative was fifth with 103.

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The percentage turnout was 34.2 per cent with 3,458 votes cast from an eligible electorate of 10,111.

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero said: “I want to pay special tribute to Donna Gilbert and Michael Hollis who worked so hard.

“I’m proud that both of our candidates ran a positive campaign from start to finish and knocked on thousands of doors in the process.

“What is clear after this result is that as party we still have work to do to convince people to vote Labour and we remain absolutely committed to doing that.

“If any resident in Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood votes Labour nationally or has done in the past and would like to email me with any thoughts or concerns they have then I promise to read them.”