Have your say on Bakewell Road development

People will soon get to have their say on the controversial Bakewell Road developments at an open forum.

Derbyshire Dales District Council have said they are aware that local people have been “straining at the leash” to put forward their views and are “delighted” to finally hear them.

Paul Wilson, director of planning and housing services for the district council, said: “It’s worth repeating that there are currently no proposals for Bakewell Road and no plans.  The district council has chosen a developer for Bakewell Road, not a development.

“But we really want to get a feel for local people’s ideal vision of the way Bakewell Road could look. The difficult part of course is balancing great ideas against the economic reality of what will be needed to make any development viable.

“That reality includes the willingness of potential tenants to sign up to any plans and in today’s economic climate we have to accept that there are no guarantees in this respect.”

The public event – which will include the opportunity for people to make live comments via Twitter and Facebook – will take place at County Hall, Matlock, at 6pm on 27 February.

In advance of the meeting, though, please send your views to [email protected]