HAVE YOUR SAY: Does more need to be done to make Chesterfield safer?

The issue of alcohol-related violence in Chesterfield has come under the spotlight again after the mother of soldier Chris Henchliffe, who died after allegedly being assaulted in the town, called for action.

Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 11:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:01 pm

Chris, 26, suffered serious head injuries after the assault outside the Pomegranate Theatre in July and died in hospital more than a week later. His mum Yvonne has now said she wants to see extra safety measures being brought in to stop such incidents happening again. But what do you think? Have your say in our poll.

Yvonne’s comments have sparked debate on our Facebook page with many people agreeing with her.

Nicola Ridgeway said: “I agree, there’s been more incidents and tragic ones since they started staying open. My son was hit in town. I think pubs should shut at midnight and nightclubs at 2.”

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Chris Henchliffe with his son. Picture released by family.

And Kelly Bailey commented: “I agree, should be a ban after 1am and maybe up to 2, night clubs up to 3am. Back how it used to be - its ridiculous this 24 hour drinking is just wrong maybe exceptions like New Year’s Eve.”

Joanne Barker also agreed, saying: “Clubs should go back to 2am, theres no need to be open till god knows when. It would take the strain off the police and ambulance services.”

But Courtnay Shannon said: “No point closing them earlier people can/will get equally as drunk either way, people only just get ready to go out at midnight-ish.”

And Chris Plant added: “Unfortunately there was still violence when pubs and clubs closed at 11pm/2am - more needs to be done to change the attitudes of the minority of people who think it’s ok to go out for a pint and a fight!”

Chris Henchliffe with his son. Picture released by family.

Jamie Day commented: “As someone who has worked in bars and clubs in the town centre over the years I have to say that the 24hr drinking rule is not working for Chesterfield. I think that a 2am limit would allow police, doorstaff and CCTV operators to work together at known hotspots and prevent further tragedies from occurring.”