Grassmoor's Paul Burrell says Diana will be at son's Royal Wedding '˜in spirit'

Grassmoor's Paul Burrell, the former butler to the late Princess Diana, has said that Diana will be at the wedding of her son Prince Harry and Meghan Markle '˜in spirit'.
Paul BurrellPaul Burrell
Paul Burrell

In an interview on ITV’s Lorraine on Thursday, he said that Prince Harry and William would both be thinking of their mother during the bid day in Windsor on Saturday.

Mr Burrell said: “Diana will be there in spirit. How can you not have Diana there? The boys will be thinking about her.

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“The Queen will give Meghan a diamond tiara the night before and she will carry white roses, I’m sure.

“I can see there being touches of Diana throughout the day, she won’t be far away and I bet the boys take a quiet moment.

“It is a good chance for two boys to say ‘thank you mummy, for bringing us into the world’ because that is why they’re here.

He added: ‘I think Diana would have approved of Meghan. Together with Meghan by his side, they will go out and fulfil her dreams.

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“If she was still there she would be at the centre of all of this, and Mrs Middleton would not have got a look in with the grandchildren.

Mr Burrell also spoke of the first time he ‘met Harry’, when Diana secretly revealed that she was pregnant with her second child.

“I was at Balmoral with the queen and Diana was heavily pregnant,’ he said. ‘She took me into the dining room, and put my hand on her tummy and I felt a kick.

“She told me it was our little secret, and that was the first time I ever met Harry. I couldn’t tell the Queen, my wife, anybody.”

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He said watching Prince William and Harry growing up was ‘the best time of my life’, describing the younger sibling as ‘mischievous, naughty and noisy’.

“Harry and William were like chalk and cheese,’ he added. ‘One day William said ‘I don’t want to be king’, and Harry said ‘I’ll do the job instead of you then’.

“After that we called him GKH – Good King Harry.”

“We watched William and Harry walk behind the coffin, that 11 year old boy’s heart broken and it’s never been the same since, until he found Meghan; she mended it.”

Mr Burrell appeared on reality television series I’m a Celebrity… Get me Out of Here! earlier this year.