FUEL PRICES: The cheapest petrol and diesel in Chesterfield

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Live in the Chesterfield area and need fuel for your vehicle? If so, head to these places for the cheapest deal...


Sainsburys, Chesterfield - 115.9ppl

Tesco Extra, Chesterfield - 116.9ppl

Morrisons, Chesterfield - 116.9ppl

Brimington Service Station, Brimington - 1170ppl

Esso Express, Chesterfield - 117.9ppl


Brimington Service Station, Brimington - 119.9ppl

Sainsburys, Chesterfield - 120.9ppl

Tesco Extra, Chesterfield - 121.9ppl

Morrisons, Chesterfield - 121.9ppl

Morrisons, Staveley- 121.9ppl


Peak Oil, Foxwood Road, Sheepbridge - 119.9ppl