Former Gainsborough schoolgirl pretended to be a man by wearing a body suit to trick single mum into sex

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A former Gainsborough schoolgirl who now lives as a man is facing a possible jail sentence after admitting a sexual assault on a woman.

Ex-Castle Hills School student Kyran Lee was known as Fiona Manson when she duped the victim into a relationship, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

The victim was contacted by someone she believed to be a “tanned, muscular young man” called Joey G-Star Crislow and after talking on Facebook and by phone and text they ended up in bed together.

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Jonathan Straw, prosecuting, said “Kyran Lee first met the victim through the internet using the name Joey G-Star Crislow. They contacted each other through Facebook, text and phone calls.

“Kyran Lee sent photographs of himself suggesting himself to be a tall, tanned muscular young man. He said he had a daughter. The victim was a single parent.

“Kyran Lee sent her presents including an engagement ring. The victim throughout this time said she wanted to meet him. Kyran Lee made excuses.

“When they met she realised he didn’t look like his photograph.

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“They spent time together and shared a bed. The defendant wore a bodysuit and the lights were off.

“The offence took place three weeks after they met. The defendant gave the victim oral sex. Then with one hand on what she thought to be his penis he penetrated her. He used a sex toy.”

The jury was told that it was only by accident from a chance conversation that the victim discovered that “Joey”, as she knew him, was actually former Castle Hills School pupil Fiona Manson. As a result a complaint was made to police and the defendant was arrested and charged.

Kyran Lee, formerly known as Fiona Manson, 25, of Baines Road, Gainsborough, admitted a charge of assault between September 10, 2012 and October 15, 2012.

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Details of the offence can only now be published after a Contempt of Court Act order preventing publication of the offence was lifted.

The offence was revealed during the trial of a second case brought against Lee who was accused of sexually assaulting another woman.

A jury heard how Lee posed as a male called Daniel Blades when he befriended the teenaged single mother.

The young mum later complained that she had been sexually assaulted by Lee back in 2008.

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Lee denied two charges of sexual assault and after a trial was cleared by the jury.

Lee together Kayleigh Hall, 28, of Ropery Road, Gainsborough, denied a further charge of witness intimidation over alleged threats made to the complainant in the case which went to trial and both were found not guilty.

During the hearing Lee admitted using a male identity in relationships with both of the women. But Lee said that sex did not take place with the second woman.

Lee told the jury that he was born female but from the age of 11 began to question his sexual identity.

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He said: “I realised I wasn’t happy. I didn’t really know how to explain it to anybody.

“I just wanted to be a male. At the age of 15 or 16 I felt like I was a male.”

In evidence during the trial he spoke about the woman he has admitted sexually assaulting saying: “I spoke to her as someone else. Joey. I wanted to meet her as a man because I loved her.

“It was only after she told me that the relationship couldn’t continue unless I did have a sexual relationship with her. She wanted me to do things I didn’t want to. She said the relationship couldn’t carry on unless I did.”

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Lee was granted bail and is to be sentenced later this year for the assault charge he has admitted.

Judge Michael Heath warned him: “You can have bail but you must understand that the fact that I grant you bail does not mean you won’t go to prison.”

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