Expect to see 'spades in the ground' at Chesterfield Waterside this year

Chesterfield Waterside is eagerly anticipated.Chesterfield Waterside is eagerly anticipated.
Chesterfield Waterside is eagerly anticipated.
The man behind Chesterfield Waterside has said 2019 is the year people will see 'spades in the ground' as part of the £320million development.

Chesterfield Waterside - which is one of the UK's largest regeneration projects and is expected to create up to 2,000 jobs - will eventually feature five neighbourhoods including housing, shops, offices, a hotel, a multi-storey car park and new canal basin.

The long-awaited development is being led by Chesterfield-based Bolsterstone Group PLC and backed by the Arnold Laver Group and Chesterfield Borough Council.

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Peter Swallow, managing director of Bolsterstone Group PLC, said: "2019 is the year that we'll see spades in the ground at Chesterfield Waterside, bringing new life into the area adjacent to the train station and the town centre, as well as adding to the housing, work and leisure offering of the town."

Peter Swallow, the man behind Chesterfield Waterside.Peter Swallow, the man behind Chesterfield Waterside.
Peter Swallow, the man behind Chesterfield Waterside.

He added: "Everyone has a part to play in Chesterfield's ongoing success.

"Let's all make sure we take the opportunity to praise and promote the town whenever the opportunity arises rather than talking it down.

"Praise the development you see and call out the nay-sayers.

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"Chesterfield is still very much on the rise and we must continue to recognise and celebrate that."

At the end of last year, the council granted planning permission to create a new access bridge and road to The Park area of Chesterfield Waterside. The Park will be Chesterfield Waterside's main housing area.

Mr Swallow said at the time: "This represents yet another important milestone for the project and we are now in a position to progress proposals to develop new homes in The Park area of the site next year."