EXCLUSIVE: Police office numbers to increase in Chesterfield within days

The number of police officers in Chesterfield is set to increase within days, the Derbyshire Times has learned.
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Derbyshire Constabulary will place more officers in the town as part of a major reorganisation aimed at 'putting policing resources where they are needed most'.

The news comes after a number of cases of violent crime and anti-social behaviour in Chesterfield in recent months.

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Peter Goodman, the county's Deputy Chief Constable, said: "On November 7, Derbyshire Constabulary will move to a new policing model that will give us greater power and flexibility to tackle the crimes and issues that affect people the most.

"The landscape of crime is forever changing and the risks and threats change with it. It is absolutely essential that Derbyshire has a police force that is well-equipped to deal with it - and that is what the new model is all about.

"We need to tackle emerging issues such as cyber-enabled crime and online child sexual exploitation, while also maintaining focus on the more ‘traditional’ types of crime and anti-social behaviour.

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"These changes will affect the entire county and are built around a desire to put our policing resources where they are needed most.

"This will lead to an increase in the number of police officers in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

"Those officers will have different roles.

"Some will be response officers, reacting to incidents as they happen; others will be investigative officers, who will carry out the longer term inquiries into crimes. Safer Neighbourhood teams are not affected by the new model.

"We are also making changes to the technology our officers are equipped with. Over the coming months, we will be giving our officers mobile devices that will allow them to carry out most of their formerly desk-bound duties while on the beat, removing the need to head back to a police station to type up crime reports, for example.

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"A great deal of work has gone into the planning and preparation of this new set-up to make sure our ability to protect vulnerable people is improved.

"By realigning our resources, we can provide a better service to the public and find new ways to keep our communities safe from harm."

The force has not yet revealed exactly how many more police officers will be working in Chesterfield.