Photos from readers show birds of prey visiting Derbyshire gardens - including Baslow, Chesterfield and Killamarsh

Photos from Derbyshire Times readers show sparrowhawks visiting their gardens.

After we shared photos of a sparrowhawk spotted in Barlow last week, Derbyshire Times readers have sent us more pictures of the beautiful birds of prey visiting their gardens.

Sparrowhawks have been spotted in many places including Newbold, Barlow, Killamarsh, Swanwick, Barrow Hill, Stretton, Chaddesden and Tupton.

The small birds of prey almost went extinct in the UK in 1960s due to extensive use of pesticides, which led to thinning of egg shells and increased overall mortality of sparrowhawks. The population recovered in 1990s and sparrowhawks now regularly visit Derbyshire gardens again.

Tracey Casswell, of Chaddesden, said: “I too have had two visits from a sparrowhawk in my garden and I am a member of the RSPB. I live in Chaddesden in quite a suburban area close to Pride Park. The bird is becoming quite used to me taking his/her photo everytime he/she visits.”

Hilary Walker added: "Since we moved here 10 years ago, we've had sparrowhawks perching on roofs of houses close by and even our fence a few times ~ they have actually swooped down and caught a few birds in our garden, though we don't see them now since we got a dog last year.”

Kathryn Brown commented: “I have them occasionally in my garden in Newbold taking pigeons.”

Glenn Fox added: “Had a couple of visits recently from this bird, something quite spectacular to watch, and how the other birds scatter!”

Elisabeth Amnegård said: “We get Sparrowhawks fairly regular in our tiny garden in Brockwell.”

John Tatton commented: “We get a regular visitor, only trouble is there's nowhere near the amount of garden birds anymore.”

Terri Annable said: “Regularly have a large female sparrowhawk sitting on our garden fence in Tupton.”

Marie O'Gorman added: “We have them on a regular basis, Stanfree, North Derbyshire.”

Roger Poyner commented: “Had one in our garden last week in Swanwick.”