Driver accused of causing biker's death in crash tragedy

Keen biker Mark Young. Picture submitted.Keen biker Mark Young. Picture submitted.
Keen biker Mark Young. Picture submitted.
A motorist accused of causing the death of a motorcyclist by careless driving claimed to police that the biker came at her 'like a bat out of hell'.

Derby Crown Court heard during the beginning of a trial which started on April 26 how Professor Pamela Ince, 62, of Smalldale, Bradwell, allegedly committed the offence during a collision at the junction of the B6049 Main Road and Gore Lane at Bradwell as she was heading home.

Prosecuting barrister Sarah Knight told the jury that motorcyclist Mark Young, 50, of Monsal Avenue, Buxton, suffered terrible multiple bone fractures to his skull and spine and severe damage to his brain stem and liver and he was killed outright after the collision.

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She said: “He was killed when out riding his motorcycle along the B6049 around the junction where Main Road leads to Gore Lane and Bradwell.

“The Crown’s case is that this occurred when the defendant pulled across his side of the carriageway to enter Gore Lane not having checked the road was clear when she did so.

“And he had to brake and skidded and crashed and he was killed.”

The court heard how Prof Ince had been driving a Jaguar F-type convertible and Mark Young had been riding a Kawasaki 1000cc Ninja motorcycle when the collision happened about 4.15pm, on May 5, last year.

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Miss Knight revealed that Prof Ince had been driving behind a coach as she was about to turn into the junction which may have partially obscured her vision as she allegedly cut the corner before the collision.

Expert analysis of CCTV footage from a resident’s home estimated that Mr Young had been speeding at about 56mph in the 30mph zone, according to Miss Knight, though the defence team claims Mr Young had been going faster at between 62mph and 66mph.

However, Miss Knight argued that Mr Young’s speed did not cause the fatal incident because his side of the road had not been impeded until Prof Ince allegedly drove into his lane.

Miss Knight said: “Pamela Ince said she was driving slowly and she had the top down on the car.

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“She asserted that there was a deafening roar coming from the direction of Bradwell and then she said her car was hit on the nearside from a motorcycle and she said it came ‘like a bat out of hell’.

“And when she looked his motorcycle was lying in the road split in two - and being a doctor - she went over but did not feel a pulse and paramedics soon after confirmed he had died at the scene.”

Miss Knight added: “Pamela Ince states she simply did not see Mark Young’s motorbike at all, moments before the crash.”

The court heard how Mr Young was a father-of-two and a grandfather and Prof Ince is a neurologist and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health at the University of Sheffield.

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Miss Knight added: “It was a simple decision made badly that led to this terrible chain of events.

“Pamela Ince, when she tells police that she did not see the motorbike may well be completely honest.

“But the bare truth is that she should have done and if she had checked - and it was her responsibility to check - none of us would be here.

“But this led to Mark Young braking suddenly, skidding and crashing and losing his life that afternoon.”

Prof Ince has denied causing death by careless driving.

The trial continues.