Disabled Chesterfield man is world's best - in heels

A Chesterfield man who has overcome a serious disability to become a record breaker has set another - but this time in heels.

Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 4:47 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 5:51 pm
Marty Powell sets a new world record for the Mens 100m in high heels at Tupton Hall School, Chesterfield.

Marti Powell, 35, has just run the fastest 100 metre dash by a man in heels - setting a new world record in the process.

He was in a car accident 15 years ago, which left him paralysed and unable to talk, but he has fought his way back to health and is now a multiple world record breaker.

He said: “Everybody wants to be remembered.

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Marti gets ready to attempt the feat.

“If you are the same as everybody else you are just the same, whereas if you do something different you will be remembered.”

Currently there is only an existing record for a woman running the fastest 100m in high heels, held by a German athlete with her time recorded at 15 seconds.

Marti’s carers made an application to Guinness World Records to ask if they would allow him to attempt a completely new record for a man.

He only got one attempt on the day, so ensuring that everything was in place was crucial.

Marti with his helpers and supporters.

This attempt, along with all its evidence will now be submitted to Guinness World Records, which scrutinises every detail, video evidence, time keeping evidence, witness statements, media coverage and still photographs.

Marti did the challenge to coincide with National Brain Injury week which helps raise awareness for people affected by these devastating injuries.

He is now the proud holder of three world records - the other two were set for the fastest five metres and the furthest distance travelled by a rubber band car - with both world bests being set at Queen’s Park Sports Centre in Chesterfield within the last 18 months.

Marti’s case manager, Emma Bradley–Bond, said: “We think Marti is fab - he has overcome a huge hurdle in his life.

Marti in full flow.

“It just goes to show that he can be more independent than anybody thought possible after he was injured.

“He is setting and achieving goals that we never thought possible and we are very proud of him.”

Supporters checking the record breakerss time.
Marti gets ready to attempt the feat.
Marti with his helpers and supporters.
Marti in full flow.
Supporters checking the record breakerss time.