Did you see strange white circling lights in the Derbyshire skies last night?

Did you notice any strange goings-on in the skies last night?
Stars in the night sky vectorStars in the night sky vector
Stars in the night sky vector

The Derbyshire Times has been contacted by residents who say they witnessed a number of white flashing lights in the sky.

The sightings come after stargazers recently reported seeing similar lights circling the skies above Liverpool, Manchester and other parts of the UK.

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Fiona Jordan, of Houfton Road, Bolsover, said: “They were like little cloudy lights in the sky. They were dancing about.

“I had just let my dogs out before I went to bed. There was about four in total. There was one above my neighbour’s house and two or three over another neighbour’s house.

“We stood outside for about 20 minutes watching them. It was about 10pm.

“My son who lives in Carr Vale also saw them about two or three nights ago.”

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Fiona added: “I will be looking again tonight. It is very weird.

“It was not like a bright helicopter light and there was no beam of light.”

Another resident, Jill Ashmore, of Goose Green Lane, Shirland, also said she saw the lights last night at about 11pm.

“There was two strange lights going back and forth, kind of above the clouds but you can see the light through the clouds,” she said in her email. “It’s very odd. It’s kind of like when the light reflects on something (and) it makes a circle of light on the wall. It’s like that but way up high on the clouds in the sky.”

*Did you see the lights? Email your pictures and videos to: [email protected]