Derbyshire woman concerned about hole in hedge

The gap in the hedge at School Close, Shirland.The gap in the hedge at School Close, Shirland.
The gap in the hedge at School Close, Shirland.
A pensioner has voiced safety concerns about a hole in a hedge.

Hazel Handbury wants housing chiefs to block off the gap behind her house on School Close, Shirland.

The 78-year-old claims people walk through the hole in the hedge and into her back garden to easily get from one side of the estate to the other.

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Former supervisor Mrs Handbury said: “This problem has been ongoing for almost five years now.

“I’m absolutely sick and tired of it.

“I’m worried that one of these days someone is going to walk through that gap and burgle my house – and I certainly don’t want that.

“I’ve complained to various organisations but haven’t had any success.

“I want Rykneld Homes to put up some wood to cover up the gap – then I’ll be happy.

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“I know I’m in the right about this – and when I’m right I’ll fight the devil to death.”

A Rykneld Homes spokesman said: “The hole to which Mrs Hanbury refers is in the hedge of a privately owned property adjacent to School Close.

“There is no access to the general public from this private property to the communal area where Mrs Hanbury and a number of other residents live.

“We have spoken to Mrs Hanbury and the other residents about this matter,” the spokesman added.

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