Derbyshire mum found son '˜lying lifeless' in road after bike accident

A mum has described the '˜horrifying' moment she found her son '˜lying lifeless' in the road after a bike accident.

Emma Rogers Dutton, 39, said her son’s three friends saved him after he hit his head on the kerb of a road in Sawley.

An air ambulance and two road ambulances were called after Raheem Rogers, 11, was lying ‘out cold’ after hitting his head - despite wearing a helmet.

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Two of Raheem’s friends raced back to their house to alert mum, Emma, after the fall on Saturday, October 27.

Emma, who also has a seven-year-old daughter, Lois, said: “I just thought it was a graze or something, but I got there and there was a body on the floor. I thought I had lost him. It was quite horrific to see. His eyes were wide open and his pupils were like tiny pins. His breathing was shallow and he was completely unresponsive. It could have been monumental but his helmet saved him.”

She said Raheem, lying in Rowsley Avenue, was unresponsive for 20 minutes which ‘felt like a lifetime’. Paramedics said Raheem had a visual seizure and was in shock.

Raheem said it was his first time on a new bike which his mum’s partner, Barratt Homes sales negotiator Sean Martin, had bought for him.

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He said: “I go on my bike a lot with my friends and it was my first day on a new mountain bike. I don’t remember anything except I was about to ask my friend something when I fell off my bike. Then I remember walking to the ambulance. I can’t piece it together.”

Lacey Lees, 11, said the group had been friends since they were all three-years-old.

Luckily, Lacey did first aid training at Scouts so she told the others what to do when Raheem fell.

She said: “I checked his pulse and it was really slow so I got his head really carefully and the others got his legs and arms. We put him in the recovery position on the pavement.

“We all helped our best friend.”

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Emma said: “Most adults wouldn’t have the foggiest about doing what they did. I can’t thank them enough. He’s so lucky to only come out with a grazed knee and concussion.”

Now Raheem and his friends want to start a campaign to encourage everyone who rides a bike to wear a helmet.

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