Derbyshire folk dream of winning tonight’s enormous £143 million Euromillions jackpot

Tonight one of the biggest Euromillions jackpots in history - £143 million - is up for grabs, and Derbyshire folk have taken to social media to say what they’d do if they won all that cash.

By Ben Green
Tuesday, 21st October 2014, 2:23 pm

Mark Richard Hewitt, from Chesterfield, said: “Sort all my family out, quit my job and work for charity when not on holiday.”

Spireite Marie Catherine England said: “I drew plans up for my dream house when I was 12 so I’d get that built, I’d pay off CFC’s debt and buy the club,take family on holiday then have a damn good think about the rest. Oh and an Aston Martin. And a Range Rover. And go where it’s snowing at Christmas. And buy a new watch because mine is broken.”

Charitable Simon Moody, from Matlock, said: “Complete the ‘wish list’ at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and set up a trust ensuring they don’t have to work without. Buy some of the threatened green belt land to stop it being turned into housing. Create free exhibition space for local artists/groups to show their work. Become a full-time amateur photographer instead of having to fit it around the pesky day job. Lots more stuff.”

Another Matlock man, Dan Hopkinson, said he’d invest the money in the town. “I’d Acquire as much of the retail property in Matlock, plan a modern and tasteful redevelopment. Found a charitable trust to help under 25s set up small businesses, donate a few million to Help for Heroes and SAFFA. Buy a nice little cottage for myself and leave a little in trust.”

Meanwhile, Mick Neale said: “I’d probably say that I’d do something nice and cutesy with it. But in reality I wouldn’t have a clue what to do and after giving a bit away and looking after a few folk I’d start blowing it on really daft things...loads of holidays, massive house, enormous gold and diamond encrusted helicopter, do a weekly shop at Sainsburys and posh booze. Loads of posh booze.”

Debbie Chrich, from Ripley, said £143 million was a scary amount of money. “Be terrified of the amount. But I’d help all my family members to make their lives a lot easier.”