Woman tells court of 'aggressive' fight that led to the death of footballer Jordan Sinnott

Jordan SinnottJordan Sinnott
Jordan Sinnott
A woman told a court today (July 22) of a "very aggressive" street fight which led to the death of footballer Jordan Sinnott.

She said that up to six people appeared to be involved in the incident shortly after The Vine bar had closed at 2am on January 25 in Retford.

One man has admitted the manslaughter of Mr Sinnott, 25, who played for Matlock Town while on loan from Alfreton.

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The charge has been denied by Kai Denovan, 22, of Collins Walk, Retford whose trial is underway at Nottingham Crown Court.

On the second day of the hearing, the jury heard evidence from Macy Wells who had visited Retford that night.

She said: "Punches were thrown and more punches. It got very aggressive, a lot of moving about, swinging, pushing and shoving.

"There were punches and then obviously the guy was on the floor."

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Much of her evidence came in a filmed interview which was played to the jury.

She went on: "There was a lot of blood coming from his face. He was not really awake. He was not speaking."

Some people were trying to get the stricken man into the recover position. A 999 call was made for medical help.

At the opening of the trial, the jury heard of a conversation during which an alleged attacker described himself as "fat and ginger." He suggested that made it difficult for him to attract women but suggested Mr Sinnott would have more success.

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It was said that trouble erupted after Mr Sinnott replied: "Yes, I can see that."

Ms Wells did not know Mr Sinnott or any other other men involved and had not heard the conversation.

In the taped interview, a police officer asked: "You saw some people run off?"

She replied: "All the guys did, they ran off, the ginger guy, the dark haired guy. They ran and two more."

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Mr Sinnott suffered a fractured skull and brain damage. He died in hospital.

In opening the case for the prosecution, Michael Auty QC said that Denovan "flew immediately into a rage" after the footballer's reply.

Denovan went into The Vine after Mr Sinnott who was with friends Ben Bossons and Adam Towlson into The Vine pub before saying he was a "good-looking lad" and would have no trouble "pulling girls."

Another man Cameron Matthews, 22, of Denman Close, Retford has already admitted manslaughter. He accepts throwing the fatal punch.

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Sean Nicholson, 22, of Beechways, Retford, admitted affray in connection with the same incident.

The prosecution allege that Denovan was "plainly hell-bent on trouble" and twice struck Mr Sinnott's face.

Mr Auty told the jury: "As deaths go, it was about as senseless, avoidable and devastating as perhaps it was possible to be.

"He died as a direct consequence of blows struck by Cameron Matthews, not by Mr Denovan.

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"However, you will all readily understand that those who knowingly assist or encourage are liable too, even where theirs was not the fatal blow - perhaps even where they personally struck no blow at all.

"If you set about someone with your fists, then it is obvious that you intend, at the very least, some physical harm."

The trial continues on Friday.

Mr Sinnott’s previous clubs also included Huddersfield Town, Altrincham, Halifax and Chesterfield.