These are the cars seized by police in Derbyshire in the last week and some of the bizarre behaviour they've seen on our roads

Derbyshire's roads policing officers have to deal with a wide range of incidents, from the very serious to the downright weird.

By Louise Cooper
Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 4:51 pm
Cars seized by Derbyshire police in the last week
Cars seized by Derbyshire police in the last week

As well as all having to attend accidents or other incidents, officers also have to deal with some bizarre situations and also some bizarre excuses and behaviour too. Here's a round-up of all the cars seized by Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit over the last week and some of the more unusual things they've attended. All information comes from the unit's Twitter account - @DerbyshireRPU.

A50. Call from concerned member of the public that someone was in need of assistance. Caught a glimpse of someone holding a sign asking for HELP. Arrived to find occupant had been waiting a while for their breakdown club to arrive
Chesterfield. Look at me, look at me! Attention seeker got the attention he wanted. Expired licence. #Seized #PersonalAdmin #GermanWhip

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A444. Driver not bothered registering the vehicle to himself. Nor insuring it. Attempts to confuse the situation showing us insurance quotes on emails and bundles of random paperwork. All five occupants now walking home to Burton
Derby. RPUs top tip. When your mate is wanted, avoid driving his car. Particularly when you have no licence or insurance. Wanted male needs to visit the police station to get it back, which we cant imagine hes too keen on doing
Chesterfield. Van spotted in poor condition. Our blue lights go on and driver is off on his feet. Detained by @DerbyshireARU who were just round the corner. No insurance and under influence of cannabis. Arrested. #DontDrugDrive
Derby. Insurance policy expired and not renewed. #Seized #PersonalAdmin #Basics
Derby. Borrowed the car to do a bit of DIY. No licence or insurance. #Seized @DriveInsured
M1. Vehicle had previously failed to stop in @Trafficwmp area. Stops nicely but tries out memorised false details. Foiled by trusty #MobileBiometrics device. Fingerprint doesnt lie. Actually disqualified & in possession of drugs
Derby. Joint working with @DerbyANPR. Driver of this Astra has no licence after a previous disqualification. No insurance. And last time we tried to stop him he made off. Not today, surrounded before any shenanigans. Back to court
Normanton, Derby. Provisional licence holder cruising about in Golf R. Supervised by a teenager (minimum age to supervise is 21). No L plates. Claims he could have done us. If you say so, but for now...#Seized #AllTheGearNoIdea
M1 J29. No insurance, relying on third party cover on own policy but not valid if the vehicle driven is not insured itself. #Seized @DriveInsured
Two cars involved in theft of fuel in Matlock. Boxed in on the A610. Curious to hear the explanation for the containers of fuel, battery powered pump and why it was seen hooked up to a stationary bus. Two arrested.
Swadlincote. Routine check, immediately switches off the engine, hands over the keys and says he isnt insured. Tests positive for cannabis using @DrugWipeUK. Arrested and blood sample obtained. #Seized #Fatal4
Temple Normanton. No insurance. No car. #Seized #Basics
Woodville. Insurance policy cancelled in February. Bimbling about in it since. #Seized #Basics @DriveInsured