Ten clues you have a cannabis factory next door to you

These are some of the signs you may have a cannabis a factory in your neighbourhood.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 10:00 am
Signs to spot a cannabis farm

Factories can be based in houses, industrial units or commercial premises. Here's some things to look out for.

Curtains remain shut all day, windows remain closed and may be taped-up to stop people seeing in. You might spot a chink of very bright light coming through cracks.
Its going to stink. Especially in the last couple of weeks before harvest. If you dont know what cannabis smells like, its quite sweet and a bit like tomato plants on a hot day.

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People might bring lots of building, lighting and ventilation equipment into the venue. Plywood is used to separate different growing rooms.
Cannabis farms often have reinforced doors, strong locks, and fences and gates built where there were none previously to stop intruders.
The top dogs invest lots of money in these cannabis factories - setup costs can run into tens of thousands. So they might send people to check the quality of the stock late at night.
If you can hear a faint buzzing coming from the building - its probably fans or the hydroponic lights needed to keep growing conditions optimum.
Landlords might notice that their bills have skyrocketed - or your cannabis-growing neighbours might have wired themselves into your meter to drain your electricity supply.
Cannabis farms are HOT. If youre living next door and the walls are thin, you may feel the benefit of next doors grow house.
Most cannabis factories have a live-in gardener who will tend to the crop. They are at the bottom of the drugs food chain and are expendable - theyre most likely to be arrested when a house is raided.
Excess soil or large empty bottles of plant food may be put out on bin day. Keep a look out for them.