Plea for thieves to return Bolsover Defibrillator

Bolsover Town Council is appealing for whoever stole a defibrillator at the Assembly Hall to return it before lives are put at risk.

The Public Defibrillator at Bolsover Assembly Hall (similar to photos) was forcibly removed from the Cabinet in the early hours of Thursday July 4.

Town Clerk Andrew Tristram said; “This is a vital piece of kit if someone has had a heart attack.

“People may only have minutes to go and get help. They ring 999 and they are told where the nearest one is and are given a code so it can be used.

“There are four in the Bolsover area and I hope nobody comes looking for this one and it is not there.

“It could be critical and I sould hope people would respect that.

“If anyone has any information about where this life-saving equipment is please could you email or call 01246 823809.

“We have some video footage showing the incident which will be passed to the Police for investigation. If anyone finds it please can they drop it into the Old Bolsover Town Council on Cotton Street.”

Thieves stole a similar defibrillator from outside Buckinghams Insurance in Clowne in May . It is understood this has been recovered.