Emergency services flood Derbyshire village following 'military simulation flashbang'

Emergency services flooded a quiet Derbyshire village after a 'military simulation flashbang' left homes and windows shaking.

Saturday, 14th November 2020, 9:20 am
Updated Saturday, 14th November 2020, 8:37 pm

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue’s Bolsover crew was called to Carr Vale at 8.20pm last night (Friday, 13 November) to reports of smoke in the area and a “large explosion” close to One Stop on Main Street.

Two police vehicles were also spotted at the scene.

Chloe Marples, who works at One Stop and lives on Spencer Street, close to where the explosion took place between the junctions connecting Main Street and Charlesworth Street, said: “It actually shook my house. It sounded like a big explosion.

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The explosion reportedly took place on Main Street close to the junctions with Spencer Street and Charlesworth Street.

"It happened just after 8pm. It took about 10 minutes for the fire service to come and the police but they were only there for about 10 or 15 minutes.”

A Bolsover Fire Station spokesperson posted on Facebook: “This was caused by a military simulation flashbang, incident left in hands of police.”

The explosion was heard by residents in nearby Bolsover, with car alarms reportedly set off.

Chloe added: “From what we know it was just local kids that we’ve been having problems with.”

A flashbang is a distraction device normally used by law enforcement or militaries to disorient suspects or enemies by temporarily creating a blinding flash of light and deafening sound.

One resident said: “[It] happened outside our house, it lit the house up and the windows were shaking."

Another person said: “It made my little boy jump out his skin.”

Derbyshire Times has contacted Derbyshire Constabulary for a statement.