Elderly Chesterfield man fed and chauffeured violent stepdaughter who beat him 'daily'

A Chesterfield woman repeatedly assaulted her elderly stepfather - who cooked and paid for all of her meals and acted as her personal chauffeur while she lived in his home.

Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 12:19 pm

“Child-like” Susan Oxley, 55, would “fly into a rage” “every other day” and take her anger out on her frail stepfather, a Chesterfield Magistrates Court trial heard.

“Disabled” Oxley, who also suffered with anxiety, punched the 82-year-old in the face causing nosebleeds, pulled his hair and would kick the back of his seat as he drove her around in his car.

Prosecutor Denis Quinn told the court how Oxley, who moved in with her mother and stepfather shortly before her mother died “contributed nothing at all to the household”.

“Child-like” Susan Oxley, 55, would “fly into a rage” “every other day” and take her anger out on her frail stepfather

Mr Quinn said tight-fisted Oxley - who received disability benefits - gave “nothing” in terms of finances or physical help to her ageing stepdad - who received just £800 a month state pension and was “hard-up”.

He added: “Her behaviour included a number of assaults on, quite clearly, at least four occasions.”

The court heard the harangued pensioner would take Oxley for night-time walks around the grounds of Chesterfield Royal Hospital at her request as it “calmed her”.

However during one visit on February 17 last year Oxley’s elderly victim was stopped by police in the hospital canteen who noticed cuts on his head and scratches on his hands.

Mr Quinn said: “He was there to get Susan a drink of water because she likes it cold and that’s how it is from the hospital - she was waiting in the car.

“He said he had done it in the garden but later said ‘what happens if I tell you what’s going on?’. That’s when it all came out.”

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During police interview video footage played to the court the pensioner - whose hands were visibly shaking described how the assaults - which happened “every other day” - had left him with “the shakes”.

He said: “She would start shouting and that and pull my hair back - she used to turn her anger towards me.”

The court heard Oxley would “go into a rage” - kicking the pensioner and punching him on the nose, causing nosebleeds.

The pensioner said Oxley’s physical attacks would often happen because she thought he had “looked at her funny.”

Oxley, who would stay in bed until 2.30pm everyday, had her daily meals cooked and paid for by her victim, who also drove her around daily for her night-time walks around the hospital grounds with no offer of money to cover fuel, which cost around £15 every couple of days.

“I used to cook for her and do her shopping - she was incapable, she’s childlike. I thought it was only right for me to do it because I was her mother’s partner.”

Sarah Wilkins, the pensioner’s next door neighbour, described how she visited him the day after the hospital incident and saw “scratches on his face, neck, arms and hands”.

She described hearing Oxley “shouting and screaming” at the victim in their garden - “effing and blinding” at him to “get in the house”.

Oxley, of Levens Way, Newbold, was found guilty of five counts of assault by beating by District Judge Andrew Davison. She will be sentenced in April.

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