Drivers warned to stay with cars as they defrost after thefts in Derbyshire

Police are urging motorists not to leave their vehicles unattended with the engine running after two thefts in two weeks. 

A Derby woman had her Renault Clio stolen after leaving her car running and returning to her house in Coldstream Walk.

Two cars have been stolen

Two cars have been stolen

Her bank card was in the car, and was later used to make purchases in Sinfin.

The incident happened at about 9.20am on November 29.

A Toyota Corolla was also stolen from outside a woman’s home in Normanton, on November 19, in similar circumstances. 

The car was later involved in a crash in Draycott Road, Sawley and a 43-year-old man was charged with theft and traffic offences.

Derbyshire Police have released details of the crimes in a bid to encourage drivers to stay with their car while it is defrosting. 

If you have any information about the stolen Clio, please contact police on 101.