Derbyshire woman warns of Amazon phone scam after becoming target

A woman from Chesterfield and her elderly mother have almost fallen victim to the latest Amazon Prime phone scam - prompting a warning to others to hang up the phone.

Sunday, 26th January 2020, 11:41 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 12:31 pm

Mother-of-one Karen Bennett said she received four calls on her landline over the last week, where she was told that she was about to be charged £39.99 on her Amazon Prime account, despite not being a subscriber.

She said she received an automated response on the phone telling her to press ‘1’ if she wanted to cancel the purchase.

Curious, she pressed the number as instructed and it led her to a call centre where the person at the other end told her to give her account details.

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A woman has warned local residents of the latest Amazon telephone scam
A woman has warned local residents of the latest Amazon telephone scam

“I told him that he should know my details since he was the one who called. I refused to give him anything and then he hung up,” she said.

She said this has prompted her to check her Amazon account details which confirmed that she was not subscribed to any Amazon Prime account.

“My mum had a similar call too but fortunately I managed to warn her about it so she hung up the phone,” she said.

Ms Bennett said she felt compelled to warn others about the phone scam as many would easily give out their personal details when they are asked on the phone, especially the elderly.

Previously, Amazon customers have been warned of an email scam, which tells the recipients that their account will be "locked" if they don't verify their details.