Derbyshire Roads Police stop number of cars for illegal window tints

Derbyshire Police’s roads policing unit has released images of cars stopped on the roads for having illegal window tinting.

The unit has issued advise and warnings to drivers after two stops within 24 hours found vehicles with window tints that were disallowed on Britain’s roads.

On both occasions the unit issued tickets to the drivers and forced them to remove their tints for protection issues and for insurance purposes.

Within two tweets, the unit said: “Vehicle stopped with illegal tints. Won’t be looking so cool if involved in a collision and your insurance doesn’t pay out. Tints removed.

“More dark tints, what are they trying to hide? Front side windows must let 70 per cent of light through.

“Manufacturers put their own tint in the glass which takes it to about 80 per cent so any additional tint applied is likely to contravene the regulations.”