Derbyshire Police warn of Whatsapp scam targeting the elderly

Elderly people are being targeted by cyber criminals who send Whatsapp messages claiming to be from their children asking to borrow money.

Saturday, 30th October 2021, 2:11 pm
Elderly people are being targeted by cyber criminals who send Whatsapp

In the texts – often giving sons’ and daughters’ correct names – crooks posing as victims’ offspring say they have damaged, lost or had their phone stolen.

They then go on to ask for money – saying their change in phone number means they temporarily can't access their usual online banking.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “Always verify requests in person or verbally to ensure you are speaking to the person that you think you are.”

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In another Whatsapp swindle con artists have a verification code sent to the victim then, again, impersonating friends or family, claim to be messaging from a different number and trying to reset their account.

The scammers say while requesting a verification code they entered the target’s number by mistake and ask if they can forward the code to them.

Once they have a target’s code they are able to access their account and launch attacks on other people – as well as having access all their WhatsApp messages.

Messages sent will appear to contacts to come from the victim.

Derbyshire Police advise: “Never disclose or share a verification code sent to you by WhatsApp - or indeed any platform, no matter how convincing the request.

"If you have already shared a code change the settings on your account to turn on two-step verification.

"To do this, open the app, click on the three dots, go to settings, account, two-step verification – this will require you to create a six digit PIN code.”

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